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Retrieve Lost Yahoo Bookmarks

If you didn't opt in to the AVOS transfer and thus lost all your bookmarks, or if you did opt in but in the transfer they managed to drop some of your bookmarks anyway, Delicious now has a tool for retrieving them.

We have deployed a tool that will allow you to retrieve your old bookmarks from Yahoo! and import them to your account on the new delicious. You can find the tool in the right column of your settings page, or simply click here to go directly to the page.

This tool will work for those of you who forgot to opt in for the new service as well as users who participated in the migration but are still missing bookmarks. Simply enter the username and password for your old Yahoo! delicious account and you will receive an email when the import is complete.

From http://status.delicious.com/2011/10/rescue-your-bookmarks-from-yahoo-we.html

del linkspam

It is times like these that remind me how very, very much I love fandom. This has been moving pretty fast, but there have definitely been some developments. Most of these developments have been in the Fuck You Delicious We Are Leaving area, but there are also developments on the Del front. (Putting this together took me back to my newsletter days, which were pre-Delicious and awful. Guess what! STILL AWFUL.)

[x] AVOS has put up a beta site status blog that they plan to update regularly with "the latest on our progress resolving bugs, migration issues and feature requests."
[x] they fixed the password reset bug, so if you were having problems with that, give it another shot
[x] they fixed slashes, and "other special characters." I have not done any testing to determine which special characters are now supported, but I'm guessing that the comma and the period and the colon are not among them. Does anyone know? ETA: according to comments, the period, ampersand, exclamation point, and a few symbols are now working. Still not sure about the comma or the colon.
[x] phrase searches are now possible again
[x] they fixed the date stamp on your bookmarks export, which was the bug that was fucking up everyone's saved-on dates when they imported their bookmarks into another service
[x] they are planning to re-implement tag bundles, fixing the browser extensions, and adding more links to each page
[x] they posted api documentation
[x] good article on where the new del went wrong, not that anyone here needs to be told.

[x] Check this amazing response out when someone asks them to stop arbitrarily making sex-related links private. (It's an old response, but...)
[x] That said, in the comments of my last post, a few of you were discussing this. Not everyone has had their links privatized, but some people have, I don't think anyone from Diigo has clarified, and it's hard to know what is happening. I'm going to quote effervescent, though: "My concern at this point is that really, fandom shouldn't be trying to work around an algorithm that may or may not make links inaccessible, but concentrate on finding a service where this isn't a concern at all."
[x] delicious-fandom group on diigo, for reconnecting.

[x] Maciej (a person I think I actually know IRL -- I'm not certain, but how many link-loving devs named Maciej can there be?) asked on twitter for a list of features we would be interested in. There is a collaborative googledoc happening that is full of great stuff, and Maciej is responding to a lot of it. It's only been a few hours, so it's very definitely in-progress, but it's worth reading through and adding some stuff. There is a little bit more about it here.
[x] While we are discussing Pinboard: the howto, the FAQ, and 10 features you might not know about
[x] oxymoron wrote a tutorial for adding a pinboard sidebar to firefox

Own the Fucking Servers, And Other Fannish Stuffs
[x] kronos999's post from yesterday (jesus, was it just yesterday?) mentions what I am just going to call fic.titio.us and includes a call for volunteers.
[x] kaigo, an information architect, has issued a call for requirements for such a thing
[x] rageprufrock and mklutz, in the latest /report are also discussing a fannish delicious. Much of that is also taking place on twitter; following @slashreport might be a good bet if you want to stay on top of things.
[x] googledoc spreadsheet to keep track of who people are, and where, in case of name changes and splintering.
[x] some discussion on ao3/otw bookmarking stuff is happening on this DW and on the OTW blog. Includes a link to the list of 21 features/improvements that have been suggested for their bookmarking system.
[x] brownbetty posted instructions for exporting your del bookmarks, even if your account has been deleted. She recommends doing this quickly, because it takes advantage of a loophole that they might notice at some point.
[x] a new delicious stack about how new delicious sucks, by acari. Genius!
[x] if you have a newsletter script that is broken, let murklins know over here, or shoot her an email so that planning can begin.

murklins and I are not responding to as many comments as we'd like to be because we have irritating day jobs, but please do keep leaving links and thoughts and complaints in the comments.
I am lost without my delicious subscriptions page (as I know many people are). It was my go-to fic finder. This evening I became determined to find a way to approximate that feature using pinboard, and I was successful, to a point. I thought I'd share my method, though I'm sure I'm not the first to figure this out.

cut tag to my journal for tl;dr

Link roundups

Since we can't use Delicious to track relevant links anymore, have a couple link roundups on the topic of new Delicious:

[personal profile] lian: quick'n'dirty delicious linkspam

kronos999: AVOS!Delicious: The Good, The Bad & The Future - rundown of new Del with a links list at the end.

acari: New Delicious sucks - a stack on new Delicious. You can point out new links for the stack on this DW post.

bookshop: Social bookmarking updates - includes some information about Diigo censoring bookmarks containing porn.

(As semiserpent on YouTube said in a comment on the Building Stacks on Delicious.com vid: "just saving my links in a notepad and sharing on livejournal would be more functional at this point.")

oh my god

Is it me, or is delicious basically useless now? I am honestly not trying to be an asshole; I work in software development and I know how hard they've been working, but... holy shit.

Anyway, I thought it might be useful (for... someone?) to have a place to collect bugs and issues that are relevant to fannish interests. Maybe I just want to complain out loud.

  • WHERE ARE MY TAGS. They have gotten rid of tag bundles, apparently. You can still pull that info from the API, so I am hoping this feature will return, but the fact that you cannot see your tag bundles or even all your tags means that it is impossible to navigate someone's account. What tags do they put on the front page? How can I browse your account for stories I might like without just going through all your bookmarks, page by page?

  • Searching is now fuzzy. I can't tell from the fannish account, but I learned from the real person account that if you click on a "decay" tag, it will also return bookmarks tagged "urban.decay." I'm not sure what the regex is on this, or what they are searching for, but I am wondering if it has something to do with the fact that none of my fannish tags return the relevant bookmarks. [benton.fraser], for example, does not get me anything that actually carries that tag.

  • The slash is broken. You all know this by now, I'm sure, but clicking on a tag with a slash in returns a 404. The slash is a recognized character in the search box, and so I'm hoping this is a quick just-escape-the-fucking-character-already fix.

    I just... god, I don't even know how to finish this post. There are some other bugs, but I don't care. My normal-person account is mostly fine, but the fannish account is really, really not. My biggest problem is that I now cannot find anything. I use del to find new stories to read, and now that is impossible. I can't see my own tags, let alone anyone else's. Even if I could see them, clicking on them would not return stories with that tag (or possibly any stories at all). My network is gone. My bundles are gone. Someone hold me. Or at least commiserate with me in the comments.

    I emailed them last night about a lot of these issues and bugs, at feedback@avos.com, and have yet to hear back. There is no longer a support forum, so you guys might also want to email them if you come up with stuff, or just want to add to the general clamor. Or... I don't know, are we moving to pinboard? Augh augh augh. /o\

    ETA: kronos999 has written a much more detailed post about the issues, complete with links and research. You know, in case you want to get REALLY EXTRA SUPER MAD. oh god. it just keeps getting worse, you guys.
  • Delicious/AVOS Update

    A couple commenters (thanks theaeblackthorn and shibela) have pointed out that there has recently been some news about the Delicious transfer to AVOS: everyone who wants to migrate their bookmarks to AVOS must opt-in by Sept 23rd, and the transfer will start on Sept 24th.

    In light of this, you might be wondering how the Delicious back up effort went. Back in July, I got a great group of volunteers together, and with kronos999's tool and assistance, we backed up thousands of opted out accounts. Thanks so much to everyone who helped out!

    I still don't know quite what to do with all the public bookmarks we archived. For now I am in wait and see mode -- I want to know what the post-AVOS landscape looks like before doing anything.
    Okay, fandom! Sometime in July, maybe even on July 1st, control of Delicious will transfer to AVOS. Any Delicious account that has not explicitly opted in to the transfer will be lost forever. I would like to generate a list of fannish accounts that have not opted in and back up all their PUBLIC bookmarks. To do this, I need a lot of help, in not a lot of time. That's where you come in. Things you can do to assist in this endeavor:

    1. Link this post around!
    2. Comment to this post with any fannish Delicious accounts that you know of. Don't worry about duplicating someone else's suggestions, or listing accounts that have maybe already opted in. We're aiming for maximum coverage in this step. I'll be filtering the lists programmatically. To that end, please keep your lists simple and consistent, with each account name on its own line and no extra text.
    3. Feeling ambitious? Volunteer to help do the actual backing up by emailing me at my gmail account, verymurklins. You need to have Java installed on your computer and be willing to use a command line interface to run a script. More detailed instructions will be provided, of course, but since we're short on time, I won't be able to walk people through installing Java, so volunteers will have to get that part done on their own. Note: If your computer runs Mac OS X, it already has Java.

    And what will I do with all the archived accounts? I don't exactly know yet. For now, I just want to be sure that someone, somewhere, has a copy of all this fannish data. Once the transfer to AVOS goes through, we'll get a feel for the new landscape of Delicious and weigh the options.
    So July is when AVOS is planning to take over Delicious, according to their original announcement, and July is nearly here. (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?) As far as I know, no one ever got together a coordinated effort to back up fandom Delicious accounts that they feared might not get transferred over, so we are in a position where a lot of great data might get lost very soon.

    The thing about Delicious is that it's not very social -- people can share their bookmarks, but not much else. You can't leave a comment to say how great someone's bookmarks are, or, more to the point, ask them if they've opted in to the AVOS transfer. So if you're worried about whether a certain account is just going to vanish from Delicious sometime next month, chances are you have no way of contacting the account owner to find out, and you're just living in fear of the worst.

    There is a technical solution to this! Paste this URL into your browser, changing the <delicious username> portion to the username of the account you want to check up on:

    https://api.del.icio.us/v1/user/summary?user=<delicious username>

    This will give you an XML page that looks something like this:


    If optedIn is set to 1, then they have opted in to the transfer and you can breathe easy. If not... well, maybe you should leave their name in a comment here and I will make a backup of their public bookmarks. Or you could make the backup yourself -- I plan to use kronos999's Java tool to export public bookmarks as XML. I haven't checked that this tool still works (Delicious changes things up all the time without notice, breaking 3rd party tools in the process), so if you have trouble with it, drop kronos999 a line, and also maybe me if kronos999 is too busy to provide an immediate fix.

    Delicious Add-on and Firefox 4

    One of our editors who uses Firefox 4 wasn't able to install the Delicious Bookmarks add-on so I did a bit of research and I thought I'd pass on what we've found so far. It seems like there's three options for Firefox 4 users at the moment.

    1. You can install an old version of Firefox (e.g. Firefox 3.6) alongside Firefox 4. It's pretty easy to do on a Mac, might be a little more complicated in Windows (something like this?) With this option you can continue to use Firefox 4 for your normal interneting, but you'll do your Delicious bookmarking in Firefox 3.

    2. AVOS has actually just released a beta version of the Delicious Firefox 4.0 Extension. Which is good news except that the extension doesn't seem to suggest or autocomplete tags, so it's kind of... not that great. But hopefully they will improve it eventually.

    3. Probably the current best solution is to disable add-on compability checking in Firefox 4 and install the old Delicious Bookmarks 2.1.106 add-on. At least for now, it seems to work fine in Firefox 4. Here are instructions: How To Bypass Firefox 4.0 Beta’s* Incompatible Add-on Error and Install Extensions Anyway. The drawback is that you can't turn compatibility checking back on or the Delicious add-on will be disabled. (Note: I was using this earlier today and subsequently had some problems syncing bookmarks in Firefox 3.6. It might have been unrelated, I don't know.)

    *works for the official release as well, just input "extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0" instead of "extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0b" when you get to that point.

    Anyone have a better solution? If you've tried any of the above, how did it work for you?